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What Is Police Misconduct?

Use of excessive force. Use of unnecessary force. Off-duty assault. False arrest. Misuse of authority for sexual purposes. Coerced confessions. Racial profiling.

Police misconduct is perpetuated when people do not speak up or report an incident of unethical conduct or improper methods they have experienced at the hand of authorities.

If you are a victim of inappropriate behavior by a police officer, you have a right to speak out about it. Your rights are important to William J. Godfrey.

Mr. Godfrey is a community advocate who listens in order to protect your rights. He focuses on police misconduct, unethical conduct and improper methods. Contact Mr. Godfrey to learn about the steps to take action.

Wrongful Arrest

The law states that prior to any arrest, police must have probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and the suspect being arrested has committed that crime.

Mr. Godfrey is committed to upholding the law respecting all persons and their rights of equal treatment.

Searches Without Probable Cause

The United States Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures of person and property. William J. Godfrey is pro-citizen in upholding people's constitutional rights under the Bill of Rights where authorities have misused their power.

When persons in power within school systems or law enforcement overstep their lawful authority Mr. Godfrey has the experience building a successful case to bring justice to light.

Contact Mr. Godfrey to speak up and find out your options if your civil rights have been violated.